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Spousal support

If you're considering separating from your partner, you probably want to know how much you'll have to pay the other person, or how much you're entitled to receive from them. In this way, spousal support is similar to child support.

Receiving Spousal Support

Many people tend to think that spousal support is a crutch, and feel like it's a weakness to need or want it. There are emotional reasons for not wanting to take spousal support. People may say to themselves, “I don't need their money!” or, “I don't want anything from them!”

Part of what I will do as your lawyer is to explain why you may be entitled to have spousal support, and what its purpose is. You may be entitled to spousal support if you've made sacrifices to your own career to help your former partner advance his/hers. You may also be entitled to spousal support to help you:

  • Get back on your feet after a divorce or separation.
  • Pay first/last months rent if you're moving out of the home you were staying in.
  • Learn the skills you need to find a good job.

With proper planning, spousal support can actually help you get on with your life, have independence, and make a clean break.

Paying Spousal Support

On the other hand, spousal support, like child support, is not intended to be set in stone, but will fluctuate based on each person’s income and other financial obligations.

You may have questions about how spousal support will change as time passes, or how it may be affected by significant events, such as when:

  • You're supporting a new family.
  • Your former spouse no longer needs your support.

Transparency is also important when spousal support is involved. As a person paying spousal support, you will likely want to see that the person who's receiving spousal support finds a place to live, gets back on their feet, and finds a good job, so that they won't need spousal support anymore.

As your lawyer, I can discuss with you how to set up spousal support so that it can easily be reviewed either at regular intervals, or if there is a change in either of your lives.

Please contact me to see how I can help with your spousal support case.


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