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Child custody

Child custody is one of the most emotionally difficult parts of family law. As a parent myself, I know that being kept from your child is many parents' greatest fear, second only to the child coming to harm.

Common Child Custody Issues

Each case is as unique as each child and family, but there are a few common situations where people seek the advice of a family lawyer:

  • One parent or the other has moved, or plans to move.
  • Disagreements over how and where children should go to school.
  • Visitation rights, and the details of arranging visits.
  • Setting up a shared custody arrangement.
  • Changing a child's custody from one parent to the other.

As your lawyer, I'll help you negotiate an agreement with the other parent, or present your case to the court.

Creating a Formal Child Custody Arrangement

Sometimes parents will separate, but they don't settle who has custody of their children in a formal way. Sometimes an informal arrangement works, but it doesn't always. For instance, one parent can be afraid that the next time they let their child go to the other parent, the other parent will refuse to return the child, which obviously leads to a lot of fear and conflict.

Simply getting something formal that will protect your rights to your child can ease a lot of that conflict, which is good not only for the parents, but also the children.

Please contact me to see how I can help with your child custody case.

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