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If you're living on a reserve, there may be aspects of division of property, and the involvement of the extended family and community in raising children, that are slightly different from a typical marriage. There differences can feel big, but when you get down to the level of dealing with families, people have the same worries.

A Family Lawyer with Aboriginal Heritage

As a Canadian with Métis heritage, Jeremy Herron has spent most of his life learning what it is to be Métis, to walk that line between his Aboriginal heritage and his European heritage.

He understands that there are cultural differences and that sometimes they're not obvious. There are differences in the way that people work through problems, and differences in how a family and community interact with each other.

The law doesn't always take those cultural differences into account. It assumes that everyone has the same background in raising children, dealing with conflict, and starting and ending relationships. So when the law gets involved here, you can end up, if you're not careful, with some very odd and unfair results. I make it part of my job to explain to the court why the differences are there, and how important they are.

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Jeremy Herron


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