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Midland Family Lawyer

Family lawyer serving Midland, Ontario & Southern Georgian Bay

When you're going through a difficult family law matter, you want someone knowledgeable on your side. Someone who will explain what the law says about your problem, and what options you have to move toward your desired outcome.

You may be looking for a family law lawyer if...

  • You're in the beginning of a relationship, and you want to protect yourself with a marriage contract.
  • You're contemplating separation from your spouse or common law partner and want to know how your situation may change under the law.
  • You're going through a simple divorce, and want to make a clean break.
  • You're going through a complicated divorce or separation, and need help defending your rights to be with your children, or to have your share of the property.

Jeremy Herron is a Midland family lawyer who understands the emotional strain that family law situations can be. He'll help you understand how the law applies to your situation, searching for win-win solutions where they exist, and standing up for you even if they don't.

Midland Small Claims Lawyer

Small Claims lawyer serving Midland, ON & Southern Georgian Bay

Often, when you're looking for a small claims lawyer, the law is your last resort. You're frustrated, angry, and the problem has been central to your life for a long time. Communication with the other party has probably broken down, and you just want results, and to get this issue behind you.

In addition to clients with family law cases, Jeremy Herron also accepts clients with small claims cases in the Midland, Ontario area.

Jeremy Herron


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